Tropical Rainforest Interactive Presentations/GASC Technology Center
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
Preparing the rainforest involved a variety of tasks,
ranging from construction to planting. Students
and staff completed the work in only 15 days.
Preparing the rainforest
The idea for the TRIP project originated when a Horticulture class transformed a classroom into a one-day rainforest for an open house at the GASC Technology Center. The open house was a great success but when it was over the rainforest was taken down and the classroom was restored. When the Horticulture program was canceled and one of its greenhouses stood unused, the ESA teachers had the idea to create a permanent rainforest in that space. The ESA students embarked on a project to transform the simple greenhouse into a lush rainforest that could be used as a teaching tool. Prior to construction, the class invited a speaker from Science Alive to talk about habitats of endangered species of the rainforest. Students did research and went on several field trips (including the Detroit Zoo, Belle Isle Conservatory and Aquarium, and the Rain Forest Cafe) to understand the range of species and conditions of a rainforest.

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