Tropical Rainforest Interactive Presentations/GASC Technology Center
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
When students become teachers, they gain
a new perspective on learning.
TRIP has been a powerful experience for both students and teachers. It has allowed students to develop as individuals and to expand their ability to work effectively in groups. Janet Koontz, an Environmental Science Academy teacher comments: "Students who were shy and introverted blossomed into confident and active members of a team as they experienced first hand the demands and rewards of teaching young children. The experience gives them a better understanding of how hard it is to teach and how hard our jobs are. When they have to stand up in front of a class it gives them a new perspective on learning."

Through TRIP teachers had an opportunity to develop close relationships with students. As the Environmental Science Academy students came to understand that their voice and the voices of elementary students have meaning, teachers saw students internalize the lessons of ecosystem preservation and develop a true sense of environmental stewardship. Both teachers and students came to realize that every voice--even the youngest--can have an impact on the environment.


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