Tropical Rainforest Interactive Presentations/GASC Technology Center
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
The ESA took advantage of an existing resource
(an unused greenhouse) and transformed it into
a lush rainforest.
Tropical Rainforest Interactive Presentations (TRIP) is an ongoing project carried out by students in their second year of the Environmental Science Academy (ESA) at the GASC Technology Center in Flint, Michigan. TRIP, which was launched in 1998, took a greenhouse on campus (formally operated by the Horticulture program) and transformed it into a 1200 square foot living rainforest. The rainforest was constructed and is maintained by ESA students. The primary purpose of the rainforest is to serve as a teaching tool. Second year academy students research and plan thematic, interactive group presentations on rainforest ecosystems for local elementary school children. In addition to science, TRIP incorporates language arts, graphic design, mathematics, social studies, technology, geography, communications, leadership, team building, and career exploration. TRIP (recently renamed the Rainforest Odyssey) continues to be the source of environmental projects for students.


Project Based Learning