Quilting Across the Curriculum/Jackson Hole High School
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
Students were often so completely engaged
in their tasks that they were surprised
when the 90-minute period was over.
Quilting Across the Curriculum involved Textile Arts students for one semester. The Textile Arts class is taught in 90-minute blocks, which students used to plan, produce work for the final exhibition, and teach classes in the home high school and in other schools in the district. The quilts created in the district took from 3 to 18 weeks to produce. In Quilting Across the Curriculum Textile Arts students met the requirements for the elective as well as multiple dimensions of the Teton County School District Arts Standards K-12 (Tool and Techniques, Elements of Art, and History and Criticism) and the Wyoming Fine and Performing Arts Content and Performance Standards (Creative Expression, Artistic Perception, Aesthetic Valuing, and Historical and Cultural Context).


Project Based Learning