Quilting Across the Curriculum/Jackson Hole High School
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
Textile Art students learned a range of fabric arts
skills, which they applied in their own work and
in helping others create their quilts.
The overall goal of Quilting Across the Curriculum was to provide a rich learning experience for the Textile Arts students, district teachers and their students, and the community as a whole. Ms. Stordahl wanted her students to learn a range of fabric arts, imagery, and life skills; connect with the community; and demonstrate problem solving, critical thinking, and team skills. Her objective was for participating teachers to push their practice to a new level by developing a product that demonstrated both content and arts standards, and that engaged students in a hands-on, authentic experience. Ms. Stordahl wanted the experience to foster an appreciation of collegial collaboration and demonstrate to the Jackson community that project-based learning that integrates the arts can be both academically rigorous and relevant to the lives of students. The final exhibition at the National Museum of Wildlife highlighted the power of student work and authentic assessment.


Project Based Learning