Project Based Learning
Design Principles
Academic Rigor
Applied Learning
Adult Connections
Active Exploration
Assessment Practice
Connecting student work to real value
When projects are authentic students use an academic framework to complete tasks that have value to themselves and the community. Authenticity exists in a project when: In the Commons Project, learn how collaborating with local architects, designers, construction contractors, and other professionals raised the stakes for Mendocino High School students, whose project effects the entire community.

Giving academics real meaning
"Why do we have to learn this?" The teacher who can effectively answer this question does so by giving students the opportunity to use projects to explore the ways in which academic information has practical meaning and application in the world outside of the classroom. Authentic projects help students make this connection by:

In Get a Grip, see how students from John Marshall High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin balanced client needs, time, academics, technical skills, and budget constraints to produce an industry quality video.