What does Project Based Learning Look Like?
9th and 10th grade
11th and 12th grade
integrated, multidisciplinary
whole school
whole district
english as a second language
at-risk youth
Below are projects taught in urban schools

Salmon Project
Lori Leberer, Bilingual Orientation Center, Seattle, WA
Students use the Life Cycle of the Salmon to give context to studies. They partner with the Seattle Aquarium to create a series of striking murals.

Tropical Rainforest Interactice Presentations
Beverly Brown, GASC Technology Center, Flint, MI
Students research and build a working rainforest simulation and create lessons and hands-on science experiences for elementary students.

Get A Grip
John Holmes & Heather Sattlelie, Marshall High School, Milwaukee, WI
Students produce industry quality video productions while successfully balancing client needs, time, academics, technical skills, and budget constraints.

Opera for Everyone
Karen Matsunaga, Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, HI
Students produce masks, logos and other products based on their studies of operas performed each year by Hawaii Opera Theatre.

Bridges Project
Leslie Texas, Southern High School, Louisville, KY
Students explore principles of physics and math, and hone English skills through the development of bridge proposals and working scale models.

Project Based Learning