the Amazing Adventures of Kennewick Man/Nay Ah Shing School
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
The process of producing the Amazing Adventures
of Kennewick Man involved students in research,
writing, drawing, and analysis of information.
The comic book, "The Amazing Adventures of the Kennewick Man," emerged from a project Roger Nieboer did with his eighth grade English class at the Nay Ah Shing School in Northern Minnesota. Nay Ah Shing is a tribal school for the Mille Lacs Band of the Ojibwe. The school evolved during the 1970s to reintroduce tribal culture and the Ojibwe language. The twelve-week project began with students researching current events that affect Native Americans. After selecting the story of the Kennewick Man (a 9,500-year-old skeleton discovered in the Columbia River Valley of eastern Washington), the students worked together and with tribal elders to develop a story. Students then produced a comic book, which they distributed to local libraries.


Project Based Learning