Living History Day/Milwaukie High School
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
With banners and flags from every branch
of the military being flown, veterans and their
families and spouses gather in the cafeteria
before going to classrooms to speak.
Organization and Preparation
Preparation for the day began a year in advance. Letters were sent to veterans in the greater Portland area, follow-up phone calls were made during the summer, and final contacts were made in November. One staff member was the coordinator of the project. The coordinator was assisted by many school staff members: English teachers wrote letters; business teachers typed letters and built databases; drama, music, leadership, and activities teacher contributed their talents to organize and produce the assembly and USO show.

Prior to Living History Day, students were released from class for a half-day to clean and decorate the school. Each teacher was given an assignment for their class to work on a particular area of the school. Students painted, did landscaping, and created displays, timelines, maps, posters, and decorations covering every hall and classroom of the building. In addition, historical displays were brought in by private collectors, service organizations, community groups, and the National Guard. Local business partners also donated time and services to bring the event together. On the day of the event students were expected to dress in formal attire to honor the veterans.

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Project Based Learning