Kalo Inc./Kanu o ka 'Aina New Century Public Charter School
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
Kalo Inc. encourages students to work in ways
that are consistent with native Hawaiian values
to solve problems and meet production goals.
Program structure
Kalo, Inc consists of three interdependent branches: Students carry out the work of Kalo Inc. using the school's eight lab computers: four iMac systems with 266 MHz processors and 32MB of RAM each, and four Power Macintosh G4 systems with 500 MHZ processors and 256MB of RAM. In addition, there are thirty pool iBook notebook computers, each with a 333 MHz processor and 128 MB RAM that are available to be signed out by classes and individual students. For the most part, project activities are carried out in the lab, primarily using the G4 systems. Students have network access to a laser printer and color laser that are used for production. To complete work students work with teachers as well as with advisors from the community that have been recruited by project staff.

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Project Based Learning