Get A Grip/John Marshall High School
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
Students used the Milwaukee Brewers ballpark
as a backdrop for a special effect showing how
much garbage Milwaukee creates in a year.
Students meet in Eagle Wing Productions for two back-to-back 54-minute class periods, five days per week. When in the production phase, shooting days can run up to eight hours in the field. To minimize time away from other classes the EWP class is split into several production teams of 3-5 students each. These teams rotate field shoot assignments. Depending on the project, some Saturday shoots might also be scheduled. Students receive .5 credit per hour/1 credit per semester/yearlong course.

Students have ample opportunity to learn the ropes in the Foundation Level Video Production course. Here the teacher carefully paces the instruction and hands-on opportunities so that the students can achieve a series of progressively sophisticated successes. As they move to the Advanced Class students already have a goal to work on major projects that are as close to professional quality as possible. The process is carefully scheduled: Pre-production is generally in the first semester while some minor productions are being worked on and skills developed on the high-end equipment; Production is usually about ten eight-hour days of location shooting parceled out over three to four weeks during the second semester; and Post-production can take up to four weeks.

Each student does one major project during the year. No one does a project on their own; the class is split up into 4-person news teams. In addition to the major project, such as Get a Grip, each semester EWP produces a 90-minute news feature for Milwaukee schools, a service video (like updating the school recruiting materials), and a variety of short-form videos.


Project Based Learning