Commons Project/Mendocino High School
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
Commons area before renovation.
Beautification and functionality are
definitely needed!
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The goal of the Commons Project is to transform an otherwise bleak and underused section of the school campus into an inviting space where students can socialize, study, and eat. The area has always served as a place for students to gather but has never offered a comfortable environment in which to do so. All students involved in the project are expected to acquire and apply the SCANS skills. In addition, depending on the aspect of the project they are focused on, students are expected to develop construction skills (such as site preparation, basic construction techniques, and surveying and measuring), marketing skills (such as writing fundraising appeals and designing brochures), and computer skills (such as HTML programming and data entry). Finally, all students are expected to practice patience and commitment as they take responsibility for a multi-year project.


Project Based Learning