The Aquarium Project/Bilingual Orientation Center
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
An important part of the Aquarium project
were field trips to the Aquarium, where
students did research.
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The students have 50-minute periods in ESL, reading, math, social studies, and an elective (such as art, physical education or computers). In addition, students have a daily 25-minute block for native language support. Several projects were done in ESL, social studies, science, and art that were related to the broader theme of environmental stewardship and the Puget Sound region. Each project lasted two to four weeks. Students did most of their work in class, but did take some work home to finish.

The smaller projects were interspersed throughout the school year. The last month was an intensive push to complete all work, practice speeches and performances, and finish the murals. The field trips occurred every three weeks, with four groups of 25 students going with one of the participating teachers and Instructional Assistants.


Project Based Learning