The Aquarium Project/Bilingual Orientation Center
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
The Aquarium project began as a series of
smaller projects that culminated in the
completion of two murals, now mounted at
the Seattle Aquarium.
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When the Bilingual Orientation Center (BOC) took a field trip to the Seattle Aquarium, Belinda Chin, the Aquarium's Educational Director, had the idea to develop opportunities for the two organizations to work together. Following a series of meetings, a yearlong project was developed that focused on the local environment and the importance of environmental stewardship. Staff from the Aquarium worked with BOC teachers in four subject areas: art, English, social studies, and science. In addition to classroom work, students went on frequent field trips to fish hatcheries, local parks, and the Aquarium. The project culminated in the installation of a three dimensional mural at the Seattle Aquarium and a public performance at its opening. Support for the project came from grants from the Puget Sound Urban Resource Partnerships and Seattle Public Utilities, which provided funding for buses, substitute teachers, books and supplies.


Project Based Learning