The Aquarium Project/Bilingual Orientation Center
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
The Aquarium project teamed students together.
Working in groups they had the opportunity to
practice their English and develop
problem-solving skills.
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The Bilingual Orientation Center (BOC) is a transitional school for newly arrived immigrants and refugees with very limited English. The main focus of all BOC classes is to provide students a foundation in English and to orient them to the American school system. Students attend the school for a year or less before moving into local high schools or middle schools.

Projects focusing on the local environment and the importance of environmental stewardship were developed in English, art, social studies, and science classes. The projects were framed to develop content area concepts and help develop reading, writing, and communication skills. Project-based group work provided students with opportunities to talk with each other, problem solve, develop their creativity, and practice basic skills.


Project Based Learning