the Bridge Project/Southern High School
Images of Students or their Work (typical).
Students' research papers had to include
a range of information on bridge building,
including scale drawings, such as this one.
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The Research Article
In the Bridge Project students worked individually to write a research-based article and then worked in teams to construct a bridge model. For the article, students selected and researched a bridge, gathering information on its design and construction. The article was to include photographs or scaled drawings, associated dates, an explanation of why the bridge was built, society's gains from the bridge, interesting facts, and a description of what engineers learned from the process of design and construction. Students gathered information through classroom study of physics principles and mathematical formulas, and used outside resources such as contractors and engineers. Students were responsible for determining how the concepts and information they gathered applied to the bridge they were researching.

Call for Bridge Articles
Bridge Article Rubric
Bridge Proposals
Proposal Rubric
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