Project Based Learning
The Virtual Schoolhouse is a compendium of project-based learning practices from across the country. We invite you to explore the site and discover both the principles behind project-based learning, as well as the work of teachers and students who are making project-based learning happen in the classroom.

The purpose of the site is to provide a window into exemplary work with tools and advice to help you make project-based learning part of your own practice.

What is PBL?
The framework for creating successful projects consists of six elements: academic rigor, authenticity, applied learning, active exploration, adult connections and assessment practices.

This section of the site allows you to explore each of these concepts in depth. Throughout this section you can link to exemplary student work so that you can visualize how these concepts translate into work in the classroom.

What do the Projects Look Like?
Seeing is believing. In this section you can sort and review all of the projects on the site and access information on the history, evolution, outcomes, and lessons learned of twelve exemplary projects.

Throughout this section, are samples of student work in audio and still images that capture the breadth, depth, and power of students' efforts

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